IGNOU Date Sheet 2019 for TEE UG/PG/Diploma Download December Time Table PDF

IGNOU Date Sheet 2019
IGNOU Date Sheet 2019

IGNOU Date Sheet

Looking to download IGNOU Date Sheet & Time Table? You Can download from here!!!! IGNOU Time Table 2019 for December session has been released by the Indira Gandhi National Open University. Candidates who want to appear IGNOU Exam for UG/PG/Diploma programs are eligible to download IGNOU Exam Date Sheet for TERM-END Exam (TEE) 2019, IGNOU Date Sheet 2019 for TEE UG/PG/Diploma Download December Date Sheet & Time Table in PDF. Indira Gandhi National Open University conducts term-end examinations twice a year i.e. June and December. IGNOU TEE Exam 2018-2019 will begin from 01-12-2018, so understudies are prompted that they ought to download their IGNOU Date Sheet December by squeezing the given connections on this page. With the assistance of IGNOU Date Sheet, Aspirants can get their exam dates. They should make an appropriate report intend to get a higher score in the examination. Understudies need to cover their prospectus and earlier year papers too.

IGNOU TEE UG/PG/ Diploma Exam Time Table & Date Sheet 2018 & 2019 in PDF:

Those Candidates who need to download IGNOU Exam Time Table December 2019, Candidates can visit the official site of the college by clicking direct connections link gave underneath or pursue the beneath expressed methodology. Candidates who are looking more points of interest of IGNOU Exam Date Sheet 2019, they can experience beneath the segment of Studydesire.com page of and get itemized data with respect to IGNOU Date Sheet 2019. In this page, a candidate will get all details information about IGNOU Date Sheet 2019 for TEE UG/PG/Diploma Download December Date Sheet & Time Table PDF stay tuned with this page & read out without skipping anything.

IGNOU Date Sheet 2019 Brief Details:

Name of Organization Indira Gandhi National Open University
Official Website www.ignou.ac.in
Category Of Exam IGNOU Date Sheet
Course All Programmes
Exam Level National level exam
IGNOU Date Sheet Time Table 2018 Availability Available Now

 IGNOU Date Sheet 2019

IGNOU Time Talbe Date Sheet December 2018 & 2019:

IGNOU Exam Date December 2018-2019 Morning Shift
01-12- 2018 ASP01/ BPC006/ BULE001/ CHE01/ CHE02/ CHE1_2/ MANI001/ MHI01/ CIT01/ MCS043/ BHY053/ BNS101/ ET101A/ BME001/ BFN001/ CTE01/ BET011/ MES011/ MPCE011/ MPCE021/ MPCE031/ MTT010/ MS01/ MES051/ MEG01/ MHD01/ MPS001/ MIP101/ MRR101/
03-12- 2018 BCOA001/ BPY010/ BULE002/ CIC02/ MPA011/ MTE10/ BAR053/ MCS031/ BHY054/ BAS014/ BICE016/ BICSE009/ BIELE009/ BIEEE008/ BIMEE007/ BFN002/ CTE02/ MES012/ MTT011/ MS02/ MEC001/ MEC101/ MEG02/ MHD02/ MPSE011/ MSW001/ MBP001/ MJF101/MCC001/EMPM101/MJM011/
04-12- 2018 AOM01/ BPC001/ BULE003/ CTE03/ MANI002/ MHI02/ BAR055/ CIT02/ CS73/ BHY055/ BNS102/ BICEE009/ ET581F/ BICSE003/ BIEL001/ BME002/ BIMEE004/ BFN003/ BCE031/ BEE031/ MES013/ MPCE012/ MPCE022/ MPCE032/ MTT012/ MS03/ MS51/ MES052/ MEG03/ MHD03/ MPS002/ MSW012/ MIP102/ MRR102/EMPM103/MJM013/MJF103/RGY101/
05-12- 2018 AFW01/ BEGA001/ BHDA101/ BULE004/ CIC05/ CTE04/ MPA012/ BAR056/ BHY056/ ET101B/ CLT101/ LT01/ MES014/ MTT013/ MS04/ MS52/ MEC002/ MES055/ MEG04/ MHD04/ MPSE012/ MSW002/ MBP002/ BCS031/MCC002/EMPM105/MJM015/MJF105/
06-12- 2018 AED01/ CTE05/ MHI03/ MTE03/ BAR059/ CIT03/ MCS051/ BNS103/ BAS015/ BICE018/ BME003/ ET532A/ ET535A/ BIELE007/ BIMEE021/ CPI/ MSW031/ ONR001/ BET012/ MAN001/ MES015/ MPCE013/ MPCE023/ MPCE033/ MTT014/ MS05/ MES053/ MEG05/ MHD05/ MFP01/ MPS003/ MIP103/ MRR103/EMPM202/MJM017/MJF201/RGY102/
07-12- 2018 ACS01/ CHE06/ MCC003/ MPA013/ BAR063/ BAS001/ BICE022/ ET521B/ BICS026/ BIEL025/ BIEE026/ BIME020/ MES016/ MESE061/ MESE060/ MESE064/ MESE066/ MESE067/ MTT015/ MS06/ MEC003/ MEC103/ MEG06/ MHD06/ MPSE013/ MSW003/ MBP003/ MPA001/EMPM204/MJM019/MJF203/
08-12- 2018 AHE01/ BPC003/ MHI04/ BAR044/ MCS033/ BES121/ ES331/ BNS104/ BAS002/ BICE001/ BICE020/ ET533A/ BME004/ BIME016/ CNCC01/ BCE032/ BME032/ DNHE01/ MAE001/ MAN002/ MES101/ MPC001/ MTT016/ MS07/ MES054/ MHD07/ MPSE001/ MSW005/ MVP001/ MIP104/ MRR104/RGYE112
10-12- 2018 AMK01/ MPA014/ BAR045/ MCS012/ BES122/ ES332/ BAS018/ BICE015/ ET105A/ BIME014/ LMT01/ ONR002/ DNHE02/ MAE002/ MANI003/ MES102/ MGP005/ MTT017/ MS08/ MEC004/ MHD09/ MPS004/ MSW004/ MCC004/ MPA002/EMPM301/MJM021/MJF205/RGYE114/
11-12- 2018 AMT01/ BPC004/ MHI05/ BAR049/ MCS053/ BES123/ ES333/ BHY043/ BNS105/ BAS016/ BICE009/ ET521D/ ET537B/ BICS013/ BIEL011/ BIEEE011/ BME005/ BIMEE013/ CYP01/ CNCC02/ BET013/ DNHE03/ MAE003/ MES103/ MPC002/ MTT018/ MS09/ MESE057/ MESE058/ MESE059/ MEG09/ MHD10/ MPSE002/ MSO001/ MSW009/ MST001/ MBP004/ MCT002/ MIP105/ MRR005/EMPM303/MJM023/MJF302/
12-12- 2018 ANC01/ BPY007/ BES126/ ES341/ BHY044/ BAS021/ ET523A/ BICS022/ BIEL020/ BIEE022/ BME010/ BIME017/ CFN01/ DECE01/ MESE062/ MANE001/ MES104/ MGPE008/ MTT019/ MS10/ MEC005/ MEC105/ MEG11/ MHD11/ MSW013/ MST002/ MPA003/ MVPI001/EMPM401/MJM025/MJF304/
13-12- 2018 ACC01/ BPYE001/ BAR034/ MCSE003/ BES127/ ES342/ BHY045/ BNS106/ ET102/ BICE002/ BICEE010/ BICS003/ BICSE008/ BIEL002/ BIELE008/ BIEE003/ BIEEE007/ BIMEE006/ CYP02/ CFN02/ CLT102/ CLT103/ CLT104/ LT02/ LT03/ LT04/ MSW032/ ONR003/ BPVI041/ MAE004/ MES111/ MPSE003/ MPC003/ MTT020/ MS11/ MES056/ MEG10/ MHD12/ MSO002/ MSWE003/ MST003/ MBP005/ MIP106/ MRR006/MJF306/
14-12- 2018 BPYE002/ MANE002/ MSW006/ MTE12/ BAR035/ BES128/ ES343/ BAS004/ ET204B/ BICS023/ BIEL021/ BIEE023/ BIMEE022/ CFN03/ MAE005/ MES112/ MTT021/ MS21/ MECE001/ MPA015/ MS55/ MPA004/MJF402/BNS040/
15-12- 2018 ATR01/ BPC005/ ECO02/ MCSE004/ BES129/ ES344/ BNS107/ BME007/ BICEE002/ ET523C/ BIEE001/ BIEE004/ BIMEE009/ BFE101/ BET014/ BPVI042/ BPVI001/ MAEE001/ MES113/ MPSE004/ MPC005/ MS22/ MEG12/ MHD13/ MHD17/ MSO003/ MSW007/ MBP006/ MVP002/ MIP107/ MRRE007/ MRRE008/ MRRE009/ MRRE010/BLS3P/
17-12- 2018 AWR01/ BEGA102/ BRPA101/ ECO12/ BAR039/ BHY046/ BME016/ BICE010/ ET502A/ BICS014/ BIEL012/ BIEEE013/ BIMEE015/ BFEE101/ CYP03/ MRD102/ DCE01/ BPVI002/ MAEE002/ MANE003/ MES114/ MS23/ MEC008/ MEC108/ MHD14/ MHD18/ MS56/ MPA016/ MFN001/ MSW008/ MST004/ MPA005/ JMC01/MJF405/ BLS3P/MCS024/
18-12- 2018 BCOE108/ ECO08/ LSE07/ BNMI002/ BCS051/ BES141/ ES345/ BHY057/ BNS108/ BICEE016/ ET502B/ BICSE013/ BIELE014/ BIEE011/ BME012/ BIME008/ BFE102/ MRD103/ DCE02/ BPVI043/ BME034/ BPVI003/ MES115/ MPC006/ MCNE071/ MEG14/ MHD15/ MHD19/ MFP02/ MS24/ MPSE005/ MFN004/ MSO004/ MSW014/ MNR001/ MBP007/ MCT003/ MIP108/ JMC02/ BLS3P/
19-12- 2018 AST01/ MHI06/ BNMI001/ BCS052/ BPY012/ BES124/ ES334/ BAS022/ BICEE012/ ET204A/ ET507B/ BICSE014/ BIELE010/ BIEE015/ BME014/ BIMEE010/ BFEE102/ DCE03/ BCE044/ CYP04/ DECE02/ BME056/ BPVI004/ MANE004/ MDE411/ MES031/ MS25/ MS53/ MECE003/ MPA017/ MEG07/ MHD16/ MHD20/ MFP03/ MFN002/ MSWE001/ MST005/ MPA006/ MES048/ MVP003/ JMC03/ BLS3P/CS66/
20-12- 2018 ECO01/ BAR024/ MRS003/ BESE046/ BESE131/ BNS109/ BAS005/ BICEE022/ ET202B/ BICS020/ BME015/ BIMEE011/ BFEE103/ DCE04/ BET015/ BPVI044/ BME050/ MDE412/ MES032/ MGP001/ MPC004/ MRD004/ MS54/ MS26/ MEG08/ MFP04/ MPSE006/ MFN005/ MSOE001/ MSWE002/ MSW015/ MCMM001/ JMC04/ BLS3P/
21-12- 2018 ECO09/ PHE09/ BNMI003/ BAR025/ BCS012/ CS60/ BES125/ ES335/ BAS017/ BICE025/ ET508A/ BICS015/ BIEL013/ BIEEE010/ BIMEE017/ BFEE104/ MRD101/ BPOI001/ DCE05/ BET036/ BPVI005/ BNRI101/ MANE005/ MDE413/ MES033/ MHI08/ MS611/ MEC009/ MEC109/ MFP05/ MS27/ MS57/ MPA018/ MFN003/ MSW016/ MNR002/ MPA007/ MES047/ MSD011/ PGDT01/ BLS3P/REV001
22-12- 2018 BPCE015/ BPCE017/ LSE13/ MCSE011/ BPCE014/ BESE065/ BESE132/ BNS110/ BAS006/ BICEE013/ ET505/ BICSE004/ BIELE001/ BIEE017/ BIME011/ BES051/ BPOI002/ BCE034/ CYP05/ BPVI045/ BNRI102/ MDE414/ MES034/ MHI09/ MRDE101/ MS28/ MS41/ MS58/ MPSE007/ MFN007/ MSOE002/ MSW010/ MCC005/ MES046/ MVP004/ MCMM002/ MVE001/ PGDT02/BLS4P/BLIE227/REV002/RGG101/
24-12- 2018 ECO11/ MSW011/ PHE06/BPHE106/ BNMI005/ BAR029/ BCS054/ BES142/ ES361/ BHY047/ ET201B/ BICEE014/ BICSE007/ BIELE002/ BIEE012/ BME019/ BES052/ BPOI003/ BNS031/ BCE033/ BME062/ BPVI006/ BNRI103/ MDE418/ MES041/ MHI10/ RDD06/ MS42/ MS612/ MEC006/ MS29/ MFN008/ MSTE001/ MVE002/ MSD013/ PGDT03/ MEDS041/ BLS4P/ BLIE227/BPC002/REVE001/RMS001/RGG102/CS05/
26-12- 2018 OSEI041/ BPCE011/ BPCE013/ LSE02/ BNMI006/ BAR014/ BCS055/ CS70/ BPCE018/ BPCE019/ BPCE021/ BESE066/ BESE135/ BHY048/ BME018/ BICE026/ ET536B/ ET581B/ BICS021/ BIEL019/ BIEE021/ BIME010/ BFLI001/ BLP001/ BAP001/ OVA001/ BES053/ BEDS001/ ORU001/ BPOI004/ BET016/ CYP06/ BPV046/ BNS011/ DTG001/ BNRI104/ MDE415/ MES042/ RDD07/ MS43/ MPSE008/ MFN009/ MSOE003/ MNRE015/ MVEI011/ MCC006/ MFC001/ MCMM003/ MAM001/ MES081/ MVE003/ MSD014/ MSWE041/ PGDT04/ MEDS042/ BCU001/ BLS4P/ BLIE227/REVE003/RMSE001/RDE101/RGE101/
27-12- 2018 OSEI042/ ECO07/ PHE07/ BNMI007/ BAR015/ BCS040/ CS71/ BES143/ ES362/ BHY049/ BHY050/ BHY051/ BNS041/ BNS111/ BME021/ BICE013/ ET521C/ BICSE001/ BIEL018/ BIEEE017/ BIME012/ BLE031/ OAPI011/ BJM001/ OEY001/ BFLI002/ CHR11/ BLE035/ BLP004/ BAPI001/ OVA002/ OLP001/ BES054/ BEDS002/ ORUL002/ BPOI005/ BNS032/ BET026/ DECE03/ BME063/ BNS012/ DTG002/ BPVI007/ BNRI105/ MDE416/ MES043/ MGPE007/ MRDE002/ MS44/ MEC007/ MFN006/ MVEI012/ MIR021/ MJM001/ MFC002/ MAM002/ MES082/ MVE004/ MSWE042/ MEDS043/ BCU002/ BLS4P/ BLIE227/RNS001/REVE005/RMSE002/RDE102/RGE102
28-12- 2018 OSE043/ BPHE101/ BPHE102/ ECO10/ PHE01/ PHE02/ PHE1_2/ BNM001/ BAR004/ CS62/ BES144/ ES363/ BICE012/ ET301B/ BICS017/ BIEL015/ BIEE025/ BME020/ BIME019/ BLE032/ OAPI012/ BPOI006/ CDM01/ OEY002/ BFLI003/ CHR12/ BLE036/ BLPI002/ BAPI002/ ODN001/ OMU001/ OMU005/ OTH001/ OLPI001/ BES055/ BEDS003/ OVA003/ BET037/ BNS013/ DTG003/ BNRI106/ MDE417/ MES044/ MRDE003/ MS45/ MPSE009/ MSOE004/ MVEI013/ MIR022/ MJM002/ MSTE002/ MCC007/ MFC003/ MCMM004/ MAM003/ MES083/ MVE005/ MSD016/ MSWE043/ MEDS044/ BCUI002/ BLS4P/ BLIE227/RNS002/REVE006/RGD001/RWS001/RGD001 /RWS001/ RMSE004/RDE103/RSW001/RGE103/MCC007/
29-12- 2018 OSEI044/ ECO06/ LSE12/ MTE06/ BNM002/ BAR005/ BCS042/ BES145/ ES364/ BHY052/ BNS042/ BICE011/ ET581A/ BICS016/ BIEL014/ BIEE016/ BME022/ BIME034/ BLE033/ OAPI013/ BPOI007/ BJM002/ CDM02/ OEY003/ BFLI004/ CNSHC001/ BLE037/ BLPI003/ BAPI003/ OLPI002/ BES056/ BEDS004/ BET017/ CYP07/ BNS014/ DTG004/ BPVI008/ BNRI107/ MDE419/ MRDE004/ MECE004/ MS46/ MFN010/ MNRE016/ MVEI014/ MIR023/ MJM003/ MES045/ MFC004/ MAM004/ MES084/ MVE006/ MSD017/ MSWE044/ MEDSE046/ BLS4P/ BLIE227/RNS003/REVE007/RGD002/RWS002/RGD002 /RWS002/RMSE005/RDE104/RSW002/RGE104/

 IGNOU Date Sheet Dec 2018 & 2019

Steps to Download IGNOU Date Sheet December 2018 & 2019:

To download their IGNOU Date Sheet December 2018 & 2019 need to follow mentioned steps below:

  • Those who are willing to TERM-END Exam 2019, are required to visit the official website of the Indira Gandhi National Open University i.e. www.ignou.ac.in
  • On the homepage Hit “Downloads” link which available at the middle of this page
  • Now, Click on “Pre-Exam Information” tab available at the left side of the page.
  • To get IGNOU Date Sheet December 2018-2019 Click on “Datesheet for all programmes” link from next page
  • After a few second IGNOU Exam Date Sheet 2018-2019 will get appeared on your screen
  • Check IGNOU Date Sheet 2019 & 2018 TEE from opened IGNOU Date Sheet PDF.
  • Now Download IGNOU Exam Date Sheet 2018 & 2019 or save it on your desktop.
  • Finally, Take the print out of IGNOU Exam Date Sheet & Time Table 2019 for further usage.

How to read the IGNOU Time Table & Date Sheet 2019?

  • The IGNOU timetable & DateSheet 2019 contains exam date in the primary portion, day in second, course name in the third fragment. As can be seen, the course name is coded. By the day’s end, a short form addresses the certified course name.
  • When in doubt, contenders think about what their course is suggested as. So, you can simply check the date and time of exams for your course by encountering the IGNOU date sheet 2018 and 2019.
  • In case you have any confusion, check the code number clearly. Check course names from IGNOU site if vital.

Official Website

Final Words!!!

To get more Date Sheets Information like IGNOU Time Table & Date Sheet, for more latest Entrance exams, Results, and more., Stay connects with us & don’t forget to subscribe for by entering a email.

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