Top 5 books to Read

Top 5 books to Read
Top 5 books to Read

Top 5 books to Read-Books are one of the only sources of knowledge for human life. A Compay CEO minimum reads 60 in a year. worlds wise person regularly reads the book to increase their knowledge. Those persons who are now successful and comes in worlds 1%  regularly read books like Microsoft CEO bill gates, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and more, If you think they born with silver spoon then its not true dear, they all the belong to the middle or low family background but today they are billions, if you think how? because of the success mantra and you know what? The most common thing behind him which are the books. According to the survey, Around 130+ million books have been published in the history of humanity. As an individual read different books, their knowledge will automatically get increases multifold. In addition, everything that they learn through the books. During the stress and uncomfortable situation the best way to overcome which are the books. Books the only source where you can constrain your mind. Regularly reading books can boost your mind and your imagination. If we talk about children or students who are in schools, Those children who regularly reads books constantly and learn from it, they naturally are intelligence the main reason behind it which are constrained, if you have good constrain power you can do everything which you want. According to a Prestigious news article every person who is successful or satisfied with his life, who read an average of 2 to 4 books in a month. I would suggest you if you want to be successful or wants to be peaceful must read at least 2 books in a month. If you are in stress you should read books or even you are in Happy with your life then you must read books, because if you’ll be booking friendly then you’ll realize what you are now. Many individuals still confuse every year millions of books have published then which books should be the best for reading. Throughout the post summery you’ll get Top 5 books to Read which you must read before to die. If you think about why I’m using this kind of word, because of the importance of these given books then I must tell,  These books which I have recommended for you can change your whole life structure, after reading these books you’ll not be like before. Then why are you wasting your time let have to look world best reading books below.


Top 5 books to Read

Top 5 books to Read

 1-Rich Dad Poor Dad (ENGLISH VERSION)

Rich Dad Poor Dad counts one of the best selling books worldwide. This book was written by the Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter in 1997. Through the book, you’ll get a Finacial education which is the most important for every single individual. Throughout the book (Rich dad and Poor dad) your Financial IQ level will definitely get improve. If you wanna buy this book you can buy through the direct by the link which is given below


 Rich Dad Poor Dad (Hindi and other VERSION)

Those, who are looking at different language books which are also available of Rich Dad Poor Dad, They can also directly buy through the Given link below.

2-Start with why 

Start with why is one of the best books to know the Importance of  “WHY‘, The main theme of the book is how can you clear you WHY? Every student wants to get huge marks but if you’ll ask them why you want huge marks then ” No Reson” or tell for job purpose.  Many people want to be a billionaire but if you’ll ask them why then ” No reason” Throughout the book you’ll get to know how can you clear your why? Author (Simon Sinek),  If you wanna buy this book you can buy through the direct by the link which is given below.


3-The Power of Habit

The Power of Habit is one of the prestigious books for that individual who want to control his habit but it’s not possible for them. According to the Author, you can’t control your future its true but you definitely control your habits and that individual who learn to control their habit the one day he can definitely control future.  Throughout the book, you’ll get to learn how to make good habits and decline bad habits. it is one of the best books you must read it. If you wanna buy this book you can buy through the direct by the link which is given below.

4-Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is one of the popular books and its right to be the popular, The short story behind it. Andrew Carnegie Who was one of the richest men that time offers to Author Meet Great and Successfully peoples and learn from them and make a successful book which reads any normal person can be the world successful person,  But for this work, he will not get any money only Andrew will meet them.  Author accept this challenge in a Minute and the author spent his 20 years to learn from a successful person and then he makes a book that name is Think and grows rich that’s why you should read this book. If you wanna buy this book you can buy through the direct by the link which is given below.

5- 7 Highly Effective Habits

Regardless of how much videos you watch, but our habit never changed why? have you think ever, because we are addicted without habits that’s the reason our habits cant be changed. so first we need to know which habits will be effective to change everything. Throughout the article you’ll get to know the answer read must it can be the most important book for your whole life. If you wanna buy this book you can buy through the direct by the link which is given below.


Hope you like these Top 5 books to Read, if you wanna change your life then you should buy these books today and read down because these are the most most most important books ever for every individual who wanna change your life. Thanks for giving us your valuable time:

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