Which is the best profession Engineering or Medicine

Which is the best profession Engineering or Medicine

Engineering or Medicine- These are the two most popular option for students for a long time. Engineering and Medicine are both fields are creative and attracted and that’s why every student want to make a career in these fields. Every student confuses which field will be the better for future because it’s very difficult to decide for a particular student. For toppers, the decision to opt between engineering and medicine is the most difficult task. First, I would recommend you don’t think who think what for you it doesn’t matter, Metter is what you think about your self and what your actual interest because I know many of students who wanted to take some other but because of family recommendations they choose something different which is not related for his future that’s why firstly you need to know what your actual interest and then choose your best career. If we see both fields are the best ether its engineering or its medicine.

Engineering or Medicine

Which is the best profession Engineering or Medicine


 Get blow differences and facts-


Medicine As Career The Medical Profession is the one of the popular profession where you can earn lots of knowledge through the medical practice, training and by lots of some other physical and mental impairments. It is the 5 years full-time course with one and a Half (6 Months) training compulsory. (6 months) training is most important where you’ll get all about of human health through the training study such as diagnosis, and treatment of disease, injury and more mental and physical level. There may be doctors who focus their practice on certain disease categories, types of patients, or methods of treatment – known as specialist medical practitioners – or assume responsibility for the provision of continuing and comprehensive medical care to general practitioners. The practice properly requires detailed knowledge of the academic disciplines underlying diseases and their treatment the science of medicine. Click Here for more Medical career knowledge.


Engineering Career- Engineering is one of the most popular fields, Every second student want to go in the Engineering profession. it is designed as the social, economic and practical knowledge. An Engineering mainly optimizes how effectively can discover new ideas and cut cost without compromising the quality. An Engineering needs to requires a good IQ level and a lot of practical thinking. students who choose the engineering need to have a clear understanding of the fundamentals in practice and be enough sharp to make use of science in a practical way utilizing his sharpness and creating something useful. The Engineering course divided into various of parts which are given below.

Here’s are the major branches of engineering-

  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Chemical engineering

 Differences between Engineering or  Medical-

If we see differences between Engineering and Medical profession, there are lots of differences. every year lots of students who want to go in the medical profession but they take engineering because they know how is difficult to crake entrance for medical and they know very well medical seats are too limited that’s why they quit medical and for proven something takes admission in Engineering. If you want to choose a particular field for future first parents should include it because parents support maybe it’s not possible and also teachers and friends are most important because if they encourage, you’ll definitely be a success. if you wanna choose between Engineering and Medicine need to read the whole article carefully without skip any lines.

Job finding-

After clear the course, it’s much easy for engineering and doctor to get a job because these professions are one of the popular profession India as well as abroad. If we talk engineering profession is quite high but because of so much competition in the engineering field, there is a shortage of jobs. In engineering profession has too many opportunities, however, finding the desired job can be a tad difficult because of the higher competition. but in the medical field, there are lots of opportunities to boost your skill and after clear it easy to get a job in any place.

Challenges between Engineering or Medicine-

In this profession, you can face several challenges in job fields. but if you can bear those all challenges you can be the successful professional in these fields. because of the stresses, lots of medical and engineering and medical students quit these fields after first three months. If you have the ability to face all problems then you can take this profession because in medical and engineering profession have lots of competition and that’s why every individual cannot be the stable in these professions. if you seriously want to go for these professions then your welcome but you think it’s not my profession but unfortunately came then it’s not for you. If we talk about the job opportunities in these professions then firstly you need to grow your self and earn something then its possible.

Income of Medicine and Engineering fields

Medicine and Engineering is one of the fastest growing careers in India as well as others popular countries such as the United States and some of the others. it’s much easy for engineers and doctors to manage big salary packages as compared to other. These rapid growing professions officially providers best salary package in the beginning level to top level according to the knowledge. We made an average salary chat of both Medicine and engineering profession. one should read carefully.

Engineering Avrage income Occupation wise

Engineering Branches Annual Salary


Aerospace Engineering & Operations $64,310
Aerospace Engineers $107,700
Agricultural Engineers $75,440
Airline Pilots & Flight Engineers $131,760
Architectural & Engineering Managers $138,720
Biomedical Engineers $91,760
Chemical Engineers $103,590
Civil Engineering Technicians $50,290
Civil Engineers $87,130
Computer Hardware Engineers $110,650
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Tech $60,330
Electrical Engineers $95,780
Electronics Engineers $99,660
Engineering Professors $102,000
Engineering Technicians $63,140
Engineers, All Other $96,350
Environmental Engineering Tech $51,030
Environmental Engineers $86,340
Health & Safety Engineers $84,850
Industrial Engineering Tech $55,660
Industrial Engineers $85,110
Locomotive Engineers $57,000
Marine Engineers $99,160
Materials Engineers $91,150
Mechanical Engineering Tech $55,470
Mechanical Engineers $87,140
Mining & Geological Engineers $100,970
Nuclear Engineers $104,630
Operating Engineers $48,020


Medicine average income occupation wise

Medical Branches ENTRY-LEVEL EDUCATION  Salary

(pay in 2017) 

Athletic Trainers Bachelor’s degree $46,630
Audiologists Doctoral or professional degree $75,920
Chiropractors Doctoral or professional degree $68,640
Dental Assistants Postsecondary nondegree award $37,630
Dental Hygienists Associate’s degree $74,070
Dentists Doctoral or professional degree $158,120
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians, Including Vascular Technologists Associate’s degree $65,620
Dietitians and Nutritionists Bachelor’s degree $59,410
EMTs and Paramedics Postsecondary nondegree award $33,380
Exercise Physiologists Bachelor’s degree $49,090
Genetic Counselors Master’s degree $77,480
Home Health Aides and Personal Care Aides High school diploma or equivalent $23,130
Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses Postsecondary nondegree award $45,030
Massage Therapists Postsecondary nondegree award $39,990
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians See How to Become One $51,770
Medical Assistants Postsecondary nondegree award $32,480
Medical Records and Health Information Technicians Postsecondary nondegree award $39,180
Medical Transcriptionists Postsecondary nondegree award $35,250
Nuclear Medicine Technologists Associate’s degree $75,660
Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Midwives, and Nurse Practitioners Master’s degree $110,930
Nursing Assistants and Orderlies See How to Become One $27,510
Occupational Health and Safety Specialists and Technicians See How to Become One $67,720
Occupational Therapists Master’s degree $83,200
Occupational Therapy Assistants and Aides See How to Become One $56,690
Opticians High school diploma or equivalent $36,250
Optometrists Doctoral or professional degree $110,300
Orthotists and Prosthetists Master’s degree $66,240
Pharmacists Doctoral or professional degree $124,170
Pharmacy Technicians High school diploma or equivalent $31,750
Phlebotomists Postsecondary nondegree award $33,670
Physical Therapist Assistants and Aides See How to Become One $46,920
Physical Therapists Doctoral or professional degree $86,850
Physician Assistants Master’s degree $104,860
Physicians and Surgeons Doctoral or professional degree This wage is equal to or greater than $208,000 per year.
Podiatrists Doctoral or professional degree $127,740
Psychiatric Technicians and Aides See How to Become One $29,330
Radiation Therapists Associate’s degree $80,570
Radiologic and MRI Technologists Associate’s degree $60,070
Recreational Therapists Bachelor’s degree $47,680
Registered Nurses Bachelor’s degree $70,000
Respiratory Therapists Associate’s degree $59,710
Speech-Language Pathologists Master’s degree $76,610
Surgical Technologists Postsecondary nondegree award $46,310
Veterinarians Doctoral or professional degree $90,420
Veterinary Assistants and Laboratory Animal Caretakers High school diploma or equivalent $26,140
Veterinary Technologists and Technicians Associate’s degree $33,400


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Which is the best profession Engineering or Medicine
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