Why CBSE Board is Good than State (Reason)

Why Should We Choose Central Board of Examinations (CBSE)
Why Should We Choose Central Board of Examinations (CBSE)

Why CBSE Board is Good than State (Reason)- Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the prestigious board of India. The Board provides one of the elite curriculums to the students. According to a Servery, More than 9000 schools are affiliated to the CBSE board and thus its curriculum. Central Board of Examinations (CBSE) usually appears more child-friendly than any other syllabus available in the country. The entire study program structure is made in such a way to reduce a humongous amount of pressure from the students. The Syllabus of Central Board of Examinations (CBSE). focuses on the mental and physical growth of students while providing him/her with the power of knowledge. Through the article, we will let you know 10 major Sighs of Why CBSE Board is Good than State. That’s why you should invest in.

Why CBSE Board is Good than State (Reason)

Some important fact of CBSE

why CBSE

CBSE Schools Affiliation-

Central Board of Examinations (CBSE) is one of the trusted board in India. CBSE grants affiliation to various schools like government or government aided, schools run by a government department, private, unaided etc. Central Board of Examinations (CBSE) provides 3 kinds of affiliation like provisional, permanent and temporary for given Reason-

  • For approval of Middle-Class Syllabus or additional subjects, if your school is already affiliated.
  • For upgrading your school to senior or senior secondary level.
  • For extension of Provisional Affiliation up to Secondary / Senior Secondary level.]

Some of the Essential Documents During the Affiliation 

  • Copy of Registration letter of the Society, under Society Registration Act.
  • Land Certificate from concerned authority.
  • Affidavit of non- proprietary character of society.
  • NOC letter from the Education Department of the state.

The infrastructure of CBSE Affiliated Schools –

According to the infrastructure, Central Board of Examinations (CBSE) gives approval for affiliation, Central Board of Examinations (CBSE)  Rulebooks Schools must have those facilities which are mentioned in the CBSE rulebooks. That’s Why CBSE School is one of the best school In India now.

Here’s Given Some important NEEDS which required during the affiliation-

  • Suitable furniture and office equipment should be available in your school. Your school must have a science and home science lab, a library and a computer lab with the minimum of 10 computers.
  • The selected land must be 2 acres or at least 1acre for metropolitan cities.
  • No Objection Certificate is the mandatory document obtained by Department Of Education.
  • Availability of minimum 1sq.metre floor space per student is required.
  • Availability of well-qualified teaching staff is required to sufficiently teach respective sections.
  • Payment of salaries to staff should not be less than the corresponding categories of employees in the State/Central Government.
  • Your school should have proper provision and facilities available for physically challenged students.
  • The sanitary conditions, drinking water and fire safety precautions in your school should be according to prescribed standards of Municipal Authority of your area.
  • Students’ fee should be according to the facilities available in your school.

Central Board of Examinations (CBSE) Course-

All CBSE affiliated schools offer a course which is authorized by the CBSE board. CBSE tries to bring in the knowledge to broaden the student’s mind to accept each of these diversities with due respect. This tremendous effort is usually not found in any curriculum. The entire study program structure is made in such a way to reduce a humongous amount of pressure from the students. CBSE usually appears more child-friendly than any other syllabus available in the country. if the curriculum is not completely at the time, focused on the annual exams and results, This encourages the appropriate learning process of each child.

CBSE Schools Fees Structure-

Mostly Central Board of Examinations (CBSE) Fee Structure depends on the type of the Schools and its Affiliation It simple word its depend on the school’s infrastructure, faculty and also depends on aided like govt., private etc. All Fee structure made by   Central Board of Examinations (CBSE) for a particular school like Annual fees Faculty etc. According to a Servey, we made an approx fee structure of Central Board of Examinations (CBSE) schools. Given Below the Fees Structure mainly for privates Schools.

Here’s Given approx fee structure of Central Board of Examination-

  • For addition of subject: Rs.5, 000/- per subject (Science subject) or Rs.3, 000/- (Another subject)
  • For extension of provisional affiliation: Rs.25, 000/-
  • For middle-class syllabus: Rs.25, 000/-
  • For provisional affiliation of secondary classes: Rs. 75,000/- or Rs.50, 000/- (if already affiliated up to Middle Class)
  • For upgrading Senior Secondary level: Rs.50, 000/- or Rs. 1 ,25, 000/- (If switch over from other board)


Central Board of Examinations Result

Every Year Central Board of Examinations Brings a new Result And gets new achievements. last five year CBSE result was very unique. According to his best curriculum and awesome Study materials, the board gets the best results in every board exams as well as classrooms exams. If I talk about last year result. In 2017 Raksha Gopal, from Amity International School in Noida, topped the CBSE Class 12 exams with 99.6%, while Bhumi Sawant De from DAV Public School in Chandigarh stood second with 99.4%.



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Why CBSE Board is Good than State (Reason)
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